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Welcome to Breathe

Updated: May 11, 2022

Breathe will create a breakthrough for your business in shifting your companies energy & vibe to it's highest potential.

Breathe is passionate about facilitating the delivery of high value complex IT projects for the customer by ensuring the project team have a supportive and nurturing environment in which they thrive as individuals using a variety of techniques to empower the team.

With the common goal of reducing stress in the workplace, Breathe offers a holistic approach to project delivery by offering a toolbox of techniques and support for individuals within delivery teams. This innovative approach to project delivery runs alongside existing well established project processes such as the 'Workday' Methodology, Agile & Prince2 and aims to drive businesses in a creative manner by motivating the workforce to change the resonance of their environment enabling the team to excel, affecting change to deliver the strategic initiatives and goals.

We want to help business to use creative strategies in facilitating their human capital by using a myriad of techniques to increase productivity, creative freedom and business development.

Breathe aims to support business and functions within project delivery teams with empowered employees who can use our toolkit to ensure a timely and cost effective delivery without impacting on their wellness.

Profit margins will be protected and costs will be reduced as wellness strategies reduce sickness and employee turnover. Successful delivery of this business model will, in the short term deliver reduced absenteeism, and in the long term increased employee retention and greater productivity.

Success will breed success and with the captured data we will be able to evidence our success, increased productivity and reduced absence. Using the toolkit we will also measure the individual's relationship with stress with the goal of reducing the stress unilaterally.

Our Mission Statement :

'The Breathe Team inspires a sense of awe, energy and happiness within the workplace, ensuring teams stay calm, centered and clear minded during the project life cycle, teaching, leading and facilitating the delivery of great products to your clients and at the same time looking after their well-being.

You can live and breathe for your teams what you promise to deliver for your clients.

We look forward to meeting you !

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